Monthly Archives: February 2014

“Bread of Life”

BreadOfLife     This week the ladies cooking club enjoyed homemade soups and bread.  We made  kolache and banket, including a gluten-free version.   I have been reflecting on how God uses food in our lives to minister to each other.

“Food is a centerpiece of life. We plan meals, gather ingredients and cook up a storm. We set the table and gather the family. We invite friends and neighbors to join us for dessert. We salivate at the prospect of dining at a fine restaurant. We savor every bite of our favorite dish. But have you ever thought of food as part of your mission in life?

Jesus pursued His mission through food. He miraculously fed multitudes by multiplying bread and fish. He described Himself as the Bread of Life. Early church members ate together in homes and those who had food shared with those who had none.”

–Mark Kelly, Food, A centerpiece of life and missions, Americas Stories


Congratulations James and Liz!

The CAF church ladies cooking club would like to congratulate the Tower family (James, Liz, & Sophie) on the birth of Greta Elise, born January 29.  Liz has been a wonderful inspiration in getting this group together!